Thursday, May 17, 2012

meshing with featureEdgeMesh

With the snappyHexMesh utility a mesh can be constructed from a stl-file. I have extracted edges from the same stl-file with the surfaceFeatureExtract utility. These edges are used in the 'Explicit feature edge refinement' phase of the snappyHexMesh utility. This improves the quality of the edges of the mesh. But how can it be that the mesh is smaller than the edges extracted from the original stl-file ?

Another problem are the irregularities on the body. What went wrong? Is it the quality of my stl-file?

The mesh is smaller than the original stl-file !

 Two irregularities are visible.

a slice through the bumps

Original file (iges exported from proE)
holes on the top...
Yes they really are there
no mesh leaked inside


  1. Did you fix holes?

    i have similar problem with wing body. i've tried several methods, no results.

    as i know from my friends enhanced eMesh could help. i did it in SALOME, convert it with special script, obtained a better result compare to standart featureExtract, but no results.

  2. I did not succeed in fixing the holes...