Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lutz body

The Lutz body (regime I). DxL 0.62x2.84 [m], Volume 0.5 m3

I have done a CFD evaluation on the Lutz body. Free airspeed 10 m/s. Very low drag. (pressure 0.38 N viscous 1N). Re_v 5e5, Cdv 0.037. To good to be true. I have put the body near to a floor. For a comparison with the Lutz paper I should not have done that... Can anyone comment on this very low drag figure?

On the body p/rho [(m/s)^2], field velocity [m/s]
Why is it not possible to plot streamlines near to the body?

On the body p/rho [(m/s)^2], field velocity [m/s]

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